Day 106 & Day 107 – Positives

Being in pain and recuperating  means I have lost track of days and positives. I do however want to keep these positives meaningful so yesterdays without a doubt had to be having some fun time in the hot tub with my LG, today’s was being able to go to playgroup with my wife who is on holiday and babysitting duties looking after me and our LG.

2 thoughts on “Day 106 & Day 107 – Positives

    1. Yes it is, it is such a shame that it takes so many days to recover. Having been seeing the Pain Psychologist I am realising that nobody whether they’re in pain or not spends all day like Mr Happy Bouncing off the walls. For me it has really helped me to focus on finding just one small thing that has made me smile, laugh or be thankful for what I have 😀 x

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