Day 108 – Positives

One of the problems with my pain and nerve damage is that from time to time I suffer from a loss of feeling in my fingers, this happened yesterday morning at about 8am when I was holding a milkshake for my LG, I proceeded to spill it all over her and the sofa – full on panic and sad/angry mode ensued. Angry at myself for doing it, my pain and my body for allowing it to happen and sad that far from giving my wife a lay in I’d given her a massive disaster to tidy up. Our LG ran to get her as I started struggling to get the covers off of the cushions. Why is all this a positive you wonder, well for two reasons, firstly far from getting angry my wife calmly proceeded to clear everything up, helping me and my little girl without an angry word. Secondly because after a little bit of mindfulness I too managed to let it go and not let it ruin the day. My wife wasn’t angry, my LG wasn’t hurt so there was no need for me to be angry – me of a year ago would have let it spoil the day, and probably cause me to start an argument with my wife as I couldn’t accept it had happened and was an accident, but none of this happened.

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