Day 109 – Positives

Today has been a mixed bag really, a couple of things that really pissed me off but worse of all is the my LG is unwell, she has been coughing and running a temperature and typically just before her birthday. I’ve lived in pain for more than a third of my life but nothing prepared me for how I have been feeling today unable to help her. At bedtime she asked if she could get me during the night because mummy has work tomorrow, she is so thoughtful. My positives today have certainly been interspersed with soome negatives and maybe if sleep doesn’t come I’ll blog about them later. In the meantime I am positive that my LG is growing up to be an amazing loving and caring person, secondly to the stranger who lifted my wheelchair in to my car when I had to get my prescriptions thank you, you certainly did your good deed today.

Finally to a friend who I used to work with Y, thank you for your amazing and beautiful messages that you sent me today. It is true that we don’t always see ourselves as others see us, the fact that you take time out of your day to read my blog is awesome in itself to message me with your kind words well that was just brilliant. The journey I am on with this blog will no doubt have many bumps and painful potholes along the way but knowing people read it, and from it get this, is part of why I write, hopefully to inspire others to not give up, to take chances and to risk more. I sometimes stress that on my dark days it is all doom and gloom on here and me moaning about one thing or another, but it is intended to show the ups and downs and to help me understand and reflect. I hope you don’t mind me quoting from your message but it is for my benefit and Dr B’s, reading this really did touch me today. The first message said I hope you don’t mind me msging you out of the blue hon, but I just read your latest blog. If I may say so, I think you’re bloody amazing. Uber big hugs

I replied saying I don’t think I’m amazing though just me – is it weird that I felt embarrassed reading that, I’m just me.   To which Y replied

‘just you’. You may be embarrassed but I don’t think you realise how good it is that you are ‘just you’. Not only is there no one else on the planet better at being you, your courage is phenomenal. I confess to being a silent reader of your blog (I can’t read them all, sorry 😦 ) but the overriding message always shows your inner strength

I often think my blog is rambling waffle and as a result is more negative than positive, today you are my biggest positive and once again I thank you for your lovely messages.

One thought on “Day 109 – Positives

  1. i read your blogs every day Neil, you are a very inspiring and positive person, and since being diiagnosed with fibromyalgia at least now i have a name for the reason for all my aches and pains, not that it makes it any easier to deal with and mine are in no way as bad and debilitating as yours, as you know i have always been a big fan of yours lol and i find the positivity (not sure if the spelling of that is right) in your blogs brightens my days when i am sitting here alone feeling sorry for myself, and the few occasions i have had the pleasure of meeting your LG what an inspiration and a credit to you and Debs she is …….keep blogging and keep smiling Neil 🙂 x

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