So this evening as I type this I feel overwhelmingly flat, today I got some news that wasn’t  unexpected, in fact in the long run will probably be a positive step forward for me in dealing with my pain and everyday life so why do I feel so flat and empty?!? I will go into greater detail over the coming blogs as to the news and the impact it is having on me but for now I don’t feel ready. I expected to have a huge sense of relief and almost joy and after an initial few minutes of relief I have spent the rest of the day feeling numb, empty and just hmmph. I know this doesn’t make much sense to you reading it but I needed to just get it off my chest. So there you go deflated and in desperate hunt of a pump!

One thought on “Deflated………………………………

  1. It’s funny how that happens isn’t it. I suspect it’s because all of a sudden the anxiety has gone, and there’s nothing to replace it. Glad LG has perked up – kids are so resiliant!

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