Expanding my knowledge

As a spoonie it is always good to read other peoples experiences of living with chronic pain/illness/disability they will have invaluable experiences for you to learn from or for you in turn to share with them. Today I stumbled accross this by Toni Bernhard J.D


I particularly connect with number 1 holding a conversation and concentrating is exhausting blogging or emailing can be done at my own pace. I am trying to become better at number 2 with help from my support network and Dr B. Pacing (3) is an invaluable part of everyday life for me, whether it’s by the minute or by the hour!

5 made me laugh as I am sat here propped on 4 cushions and a pillow with two more under my legs. We also bought 2 more yesterday! Life and a LG aged nearly 3 make number 7 difficult my body and my medication however frequently send me into slumber and shut down forcing me to slow down. Online shopping is great, just collecting from the door is a pain, 9 times out of 10 by the time I get to my door the Postie thinks I’m out and is knocking on neighbours (maybe I should put up a sign saying allow me extra time, would anyone take notice of it I wonder?) and finally number 10 I have huge guilt issues over saying no or cancelling last minute because I am out of spoons so I must try harder with this!

I hope my fellow spoonies get some of this and where I am coming from!

One thought on “Expanding my knowledge

  1. Too right I get it mate. I am sitting with my cushion army checking out online shopping. On the subject of the postie, Just order a megphone from Amazon….. You can collect it from your neighbours later on the day it comes. Then you can deafen the bloody impatient postman next time. Works for me !!!!!

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