Jedi Master no more………………

It may have been mentioned before once or twice that I’m a huge Star Wars fan. The result of which is that there are a number of items around the house.  Some of these are preserved in their original state in boxes and will be passed on when the time is, in the meantime I am just enjoying the indoctrination of my LG into the expansive universe that is that is Star Wars.

This week saw my LG go from being my padawan to being in her words “The Ruler of the galaxies”. As I was laying on the sofa she was bringing through a variety of lightsabers so we turned off all the lights and had our own star wars battle. All was going well and she was enjoying the battle. During which at one point she broke through my guard and brought down the full force of her lightsaber swing and caught me full on the top of my head. As I went urgh and proclaimed her winner she said and I quote “Of course I am Darth Vader, the ruer of the galaxies. She then pointed her lightsaber out of the window into the dark claiming all the stars and planets out there as part of her galaxies (not content with ruling just one galaxy she was claiming them all). I was at this point laughing so much at the seriousness and determination in her voice (that she was doing her best Vader impression of) that it took me a few minutes to stop laughing and explain that we shouldn’t hit people  on the head with anything and that we must aim for the other persons lightsaber.

So the circle is complete I have gone from the Jedi master with his apprentice to Jedi no more with the Dark Lord of the Sith in as ruler of all the Galaxies.

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