Day 115 – Positives

Today’s positive is without doubt spending some quality time with my LG. My parents always do a food shop for me on a Tuesday getting a few bits when they do their own shopping as it is one less thing my wife has to do when caring for me as well as working 50-60 hours a week. This week they are looking after my niece as my younger brother and sister in law have just got keys for their new home, unfortunately most of the work that should have been completed (including heating) hasn’t so they are spending their time getting things sorted but in the early throws of winter a cold house with not heating is no place children. We are lucky that our parents were able to take early retirement, are hands on grand parents and help us when we need it. As my LG is getting older we are starting to teach her the things she needs to do in an emergency for example if I fall over, making sure I am ok and awake etc and she is learning this brilliantly. So today when she asked if she could stay instead of go shopping I figured it would be easier on my parents. It meant a couple of hours alone with her something that hasn’t happened in I don’t know how long. We had breakfast and then cuddled up together and watched Finding Nemo one of her birthday presents. Following this we played Fireman Sam with her new vehicles and with her dolls house. I started getting really tired and my LG after shouting wake up daddy to me twice said I think we need a drink now daddy. So she had some of her juice and I had the cup of coffee that my wife made before she left to go to work and had completely cooled. We then sat on the sofa and did some of the tasks from one of her sticker books to match the stickers to the shapes on the pages. It was lovely to spend some time together, I was physically exhausted afterwards and slept most of the afternoon/evening but I was proud of myself and even more proud of my LG looking after me and remembering what we have said to her about making sure I am awake and drinking etc. It makes my post of about 20 hours ago seem even more melodramatic or maybe it drove me on with that stubborn/determination to show that I could spend time with her and that together we would and could cope helping one another.

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