Change to blogging location

This will be the last blog to go to my personal Facebook feed. As I am learning more about blogging I am doing a course through their website that helps me create links/widgets etc. I am aware that my Facebook feed is becoming full of my blog posts and that is not what I want my personal Facebook page to become so with the help of the blogging 101 course I have set up a blogging page that my blog posts will now feed into the page link is below so if you want to keep up to date with the blog and you do not have a WordPress page/blog or are not following my blog by email you will be able to follow it from here

Here’s hoping to see you on the other side, thanks for all those who read, comment etc already you have no idea how good it is for my mindfulness and psychological Wellbeing

2 thoughts on “Change to blogging location

  1. Seachy I would like to folllow your blog.. As I think Debs is right, you need to open, a new door and start a new adventure, however small. You are so lucky to have such family and friends, a glass is always half full, never half empty. You can do it 😊. Love Jules xxxx


    1. Thank you Jules,
      Yes a period of rest and change followed by a new adventure, I just have too much time to over think and over complicate things and worry about letting my family and friends down.! I hope to do everyone proud xxx


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