Day 116 – Positives

A spoon crash means this is once again late and is for Wednesday not today. There are a few, firstly I enjoyed some time with my wife, just the two of us think it is the first time in about 2 years. We did some Christmas Shopping had a spot of lunch in M&S and she completed her workout pushing me around in my wheelchair ♿ all day. Wish I had a powered one or shops were made to leave bigger gaps in the aisles so my scooter would fit in them. Also had a lovely dinner cooked by two very good friends which included my first sprouts of the year love them as they are very accepting of my pain, meds etc.

Finally my LG amazed me with her caring thoughtfulness, and this got me thinking that as much as I feel guilty about how much caring she does for me it is obviously in her nature too and I was very proud. One of the Save the Children adverts came on and in a heart beat she said “that baby needs to sleep in my bed and have some of my food to help her get better” It was lovely to hear her saying that.

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