Day 117 – Positives

There are a couple of positives from today, firstly this morning whilst sitting with my LG and once again holding her milkshake (not sure if I shared milkshakegate on here but basically I lost grip and tipped it all over her and the sofa not popular wake up call for my wife) I noticed my grip was going and shuffled myself and my hand, I noticed her move her hand up to the other side of the beaker and she looked up and said “Don’t worry daddy I will help you” I was touched and said thank you that is lovely to which she replied “I don’t want to get covered again and have another shower because of you” and started laughing. Caring and a sense of humour she will go far.

Secondly we got to look around her Nursery for and open afternoon and how it ties in to the main school and ethos. Got to see our nieces in their classes and was thoroughly impressed with the school, the ethos, and learning by play. There were plenty of wheelchair access ramps even if a number of the doors had a lip to bunny hop over going backwards I got around everywhere.

Finally I got a surprise phone call from AK this morning, he was one of the groomsmen at my wedding and his work has kept him away for long periods, I thought it was the inconvenience of my flare up and having to stop all our sporting bets and making snooker more difficult. Was good to hear from him and hopefully we’ll be meeting up next week!

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