This morning, well last night the excitement of my LG seeing snow fall for the first time in her life (well we had a lot when she was 8 weeks old but she doesn’t remember that) was lovely as she bounced up and down excitedly. This coupled with the lovely images people were posting on social media of their snowy vistas (all be it about 3mm, but that’s enough to get us excited in the UK) means two things guaranteed for me. Firstly traffic chaos and secondly pain.

Now before you all think of me as a Mr Scrooge Bah Humbug type person I assure you I am not. I love this time of year it is why my wife and I chose a winter wedding, and given the chance I’d love for the UK to get snowfall like Scandinavia and then we’d all be prepared for it. However we don’t, our weather is so unpredictable that after the lovely snowfall of 2013 we thought we’d be prepared and bought a fantastic sledge with a seat and straps for a fair amount of money so that we could take our LG out in it the next couple of years. Problem is it has never been used, it has sat in the garage gathering dust and is now too small for her. £25 well spent there!

Instead what happens is temperatures plummet and we get maybe a sprinkle of snow that grinds the entire country to its knees. Never mind a nuclear arms debate create a decent snow machine and we’d roll over in a matter of days. Since suffering from chronic pain and it being in my joints it is as though the first sprinkle of the white stuff penetrates to my core and the pain seems to increase even more (if that is possible)! I will spend the next 3 or four months desperately trying to get some warmth into my spine and sitting against radiators wherever I go. Now I wouldn’t mind this if I could build a snowman with my LG, take her sledging, have snowball fights with her, make snow angels and all the other fun things the white stuff is meant to bring. Being in East Anglia we can’t, we never get enough snow, or the right sort of snow to do all this. Instead I appear more grumpy than usual suffering from deep snow freeze penetration and a withdrawal of fun.

Then we get to the traffic chaos, the gritters and the sludge comes along and using my wheelchair becomes impossible even with my padded gloves. My mobility scooter constantly fights for traction and that becomes next to useless too as they do not come equipped with quick release winter tyres. Friendly people clear their driveways not with salt and grit but by creating mini snow drifts for me to get stuck in pushing the snow out of their drive and blocking off the routes for us scooter users. So I get to become a bear or tortoise and hibernate for winter venturing out for my hospital and doctors appointments and hoping they are close enough together or far enough apart to try and defrost my spine inbetween visits. As if this isn’t bad enough public transport grinds to a standstill, drivers seem to lose the ability to drive or leave home with a face sized circle defrosted from their front windscreen as their only visibility and having been injured in a car accident it really puts you off using the roads. Planes are grounded so their is no escape. Trains may as well cease to exist as it’s either to windy, leaves on track, wrong kind of snow the list is endless.

Ok so this is maybe a little tongue in cheek but if you take anything from it, when you clear your route to the road for your 16inch wheels remember us disabled mobility scooter users with 1.5inch ground clearance, treat areas with salt and grit, leave earlier and drive to the conditions better to arrive late in this life than early in another. Fully defrost all windows and lights before setting off on your journey and if you have/can afford them get a set of winter tyres.

As for the pain, aint nowt I can do about that, after 13 years of winter you’d think I’d have learnt a way to keep warm – any suggestions please let me know – oh and hot water bottles are a no I cannot take the pressure in my spine 😦

4 thoughts on “That first dusting of snow in the UK means two things…

  1. Living in eastern Canada, you’d think people would be all that and more when it comes to snow and ice. I can say, without a doubt, it still takes everyone by surprise, as if snow and ice were not expected to show up this year, or any other year☃. People as a whole are totally loved by me, yet I shake my head at their selfishness, stupidity, and all around ignorance. Seriously, they seem to live in a bubble of narcissism…..of course I am just ranting and raving and making generalities here ✌🏽️at the absurdities of it all. BTW, we have heated car seats which are fantastic for easing at lot of pain!

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  2. Very well put Seachy, people are oblivious to the fact that the cold affects us who suffer with chronic pain (as do many other suffers of different illnesses or conditions). I find when the weather is very windy it makes my legs and feet ice cold even if my top half is boiling! and this is so painful.
    I hope we do get a bit of snow (enough for my 18 month old grandson to play in for the first time in his life) but then it can melt and go because it really affects so many of us in so many ways.

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