Day 121 – Positives

Today’s positives are that with a lot of help help from friend and the staff at Playgroup I made it today without my usual chaperone, It was a struggle and sitting/laying here at 3am in pain  means it certainly was an effort and has taken its toll but to see our LG having so much fun with her friends makes it worth it and we learnt that Cows sleep for 3 hours and snails up to 3 days or was it years I forget it was one of the other at the same time. This followed up by a productive if not slightly daunting (outcomes) Pain Psychology Clinic session with Dr B means most of my spoons for this week have gone and it is only Monday time to recharge and then to start writing

It’s been a tiring day yet the pain won’t let me sleep and recover however it has still been a very good day and I am proud of my achievements even more so with my LG being so understanding and caring!

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