Day 122 – Positives

Today is a third of the way through my second year of finding positives (I calculated for the leap year before anyone pulls me up mathematically) and I am finally starting to understand how important they are for me when they have real value to them. Especially on a day like today when 3 new windows should have been fitted but haven’t been! It has however meant two things firstly with a bit of help I was able to cook a lovely chilli for tea, with enough extra to feed my parents as a little thank you for the help they give, it seems strange but I was really proud of myself! Secondly I had a lovely relaxing evening with my wife watching the first episode of BLindspot followed by C.S.I Cyber (even if we were both secretly worrying about our eldest being at a gig in London tonight, it is true what they say you never stop worrying about your children, just the older they get you worry in different ways)!

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