I’ve change my mind Double Glazing……bunch of @#*&

I recently blogged about how understanding the double glazing sales reps had been of my disability and listening to my needs. Shame that didn’t cross over to the installation of said windows that have been purchased. A window fitter who was due to arrive between 8-10 this morning called to say he’d get to me about 2. I explained that this would not work as he had three lintels to put in and brick work to correct in addition to the windows, the reply I got was nah my manager looked at the photo’s and decided the surveyor was wrong! Erm really – right can you get him to call me!

No phone call, I had to chase for now unnamed company as I still have no windows fitted when they opened at 9. I explained the effort that had to go into preparing three bedrooms and that the job would be a big job and that our children’s bedroom furniture is currently in the lounge! I was transferred to the installation depot where a man claiming to be the manager and an ex-surveyor said well the fitter should be with you before midday not the time he has told you, and that the bungalow didn’t need lintels. He said he’s call the fitter and get back to me with an earlier time but the lintels would be fitted if they were needed.

Midday no phonecalls and no fitter, I again ring the company and explain my disability how much effort goes into coordinating people to help empty rooms and prepare etc and how unprofessional it was, I get transferred to Peterborough again at which point a man claiming to be the manager said well the lintels aren’t even on the van we didn’t get your order until yesterday and so they aren’t in the depot! Even though I agreed everything the week before.

I call pre-installation back to query why it took 7 days for the depot to get confirmation of my fitting. The answer we do it all on computer and I have no idea why it took so long you’ll have to ask them. Pain increasing as tension and anger increasing and I ask how can they explain why it takes so long for them to receive the installation date when you send the information through to them. We go round in circles for a bit and I get promised a callback from the liaison manager who will call me once they have contacted Peterborough.

No phone call happens, and fitter finally arrives on site and says nah the surveyor was right will definitely need lintels so I won’t start today – erm what the fu@k, the surveyor who saw in person was right and the man looking at black and white photos was wrong no shit sherlock, pain increasing further. Thankfully my dad was here to liaise with the fitter as my pain and anger meant I was pretty incomprehensible at this point. He then tells us that we will have to have concrete lintels not metal l shaped so the front of the bungalow would have fecking great big slabs of concrete above the windows erm kerb appeal plummets and none of my neighbours who have had new windows have these lintels. He arranges to come back tomorrow after checking rooms were ok inside to work as I’d said about emptying them. He looks in my LG’s room and says no this is fine I can work in here you don’t need to move anything (all she had in there was a cot bed and a small toy unit everything else was in the lounge, and looks at our sons room and says no this is fine too, all his furniture and bed is piled into one corner give me strength. A quick phone call to a family member in the building trade confirms that’s bullsh!t and that it will just be cheaper and easier for them.

Back on the phone to pre-installation who clearly aren’t listening to me by this point and are saying if they don’t use the lintels I won’t get charged and if they do I’ll get charged for them and bricks at the agreed price. Erm no there will be no bricks as he wants to but a chuffing great lump of concrete in that is far cheaper than what you have quoted me! Once again I get transferred to Peterborough depot where a very rude man says if you want metal ones I’ll tell him in the morning and he can take them and hangs up! Oh these would be the metal ones you earlier told me you didn’t have.

One last phonecall to the main office to explain how disappointed I am and that I’ve been lied to half a dozen times today and am quite frankly fed up, stressed and in unbelievable pain. They claim I cannot talk to them because they are pre-installation only up to the point of order, now it is installation day I have to speak to installations who won’t speak to me because funnily enough no installation has happened, they did however promise to get the manager of the Peterborough Depot to call me at 9 before my hospital appointment in the morning to discuss cock up and cost reduction, I said do you guarantee I will get a call, oh yes SHE will call before the installers get on site! Erm SHE, so who was the man who claimed to be the manager and an ex-surveyor who I have been speaking to all day at Peterborough.

I have lost count the number of times I have been lied to today, and I can only hope the quality of workmanship and windows is of a far higher standard than their customer service has been today. My pain has gone through the roof, I have messed around family and carers and I will have to do it all over again tomorrow! It is silly that something like this can increase pain and stress so much and I’m lucky I had support and help otherwise I would have been bullied into having two ugly lintels for all my neighbours to see. Good job I was able to relax with my wife this evening and writing this has helped to. Rant over tomorrow, well today is another day!

3 thoughts on “I’ve change my mind Double Glazing……bunch of @#*&

  1. I hear your frustration and feel your pain…we once went through a similar nightmare with a window company, but it was just to place an order so I was so frustrated and angry that I told them to piss off, we ordered our windows from a hardware store, hired a local handyman to install them. Much easier, most efficient job done and for much less money. So happy I’m impulsively prone to firing companies that frustrate me LOL

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  2. Absolutely ridiculous, and a sad reflection of what some companies can be like when they don’t listen to customers, let alone thinking about how they should be acting and what is actually the right thing to do. I hope you are less stressed and have a much easier day today.

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