Day 123 – Positives

Today I had a review at the nurse led opiates clinic at the Pain Clinic. Nurse L is pleased with my new medication having no serious side effects. When we first spoke about using methadone to help control the pain I freaked out at the thought of being labelled an addict or something similar but after several conversations with the specialist medical staff I was able to overcome that hang up, realising that those important to me would know why I was using it and that was all that mattered. If someone else overheard in the surgery or chemist (even though I live in a small town and every knows everyone else, but not by the usual 7 degrees of separation more like 3 degrees), it would be their issue and not mine. We are upping the dose once more and I am continuing to work with Dr B my psychologist so although the pain continues as does the journey and these positives!

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