Day 124 – Positives

Today’s positives come from two phrases out of the mouth of my LG this evening that had us laughing and smiling. Firstly whilst at the dinner table tonight she was being really no slow eating, partly distracted by the fact that we were actually eating with mummy who usually gets in from work just as we finish and partly feulled by her excitement at seeing her big brother for the first time in days following his trip to the big smoke to watch The 1975 in concert. I innocently told her to get a wriggle on and she laughed and said “don’t be silly daddy you told me to sit still you mean get an eat on” queue much laughter and further delays.

One of the side effects of my pain is that I get tingly pins and needles and/or numbness in my arms and legs, this leads to several stumbles, trips and worse case scenario falls. As we got down from the table and my wife & LG headed off to our sons room to see his photos and video I made my way back to the sofa only my legs didn’t want to move and I quickly found myself laying flat on the floor. My wife and son came rushing through to the lounge to check on me whilst our LG came screaming behind them “FACEPLANT” this was something we used to say to her when she fell over when she was younger to see if she really was hurt or  not, and if not we’d all laugh at Faceplant. Tonight was no different we all laughed at her, but at the same time my wife and son made sure I wasn’t badly hurt either. A few bruises and extra pain meds over the next few days but still some smiles thanks to the cheekiness of a 3 year old!

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