Day 127 – Positives

Today has been a tiring and relaxing day if that makes sense to you, it certainly does to me but I know how so many people who take life for granted don’t get it. I do not mean that as a dig or moan/gripe at anyone just more as an observation that living with chronic pain means every day is exhausting even when the run down of the day is, well one that most people would take in their stride. I have to say I have had a lovely day and will give my day as my positives and the run down

  • 6.30am wake up call, cuddles and kids TV with my LG
  • 10.00am shower
  • 11.00am finish getting dressed (yep and that’s with no hair to wash and help from my wife
  • 11.45am trip to Garden Centre to see Reindeer and get a Father Christmas please stop here sign (arrive and Father Christmas has called in for a visit fortunately my wheelchair means I have a seat in the queue even if it isn’t perfect it is better than nothing. Get near to the front of queue and see that I can’t actually get into see Father Christmas in my wheelchair begrudgingly go and sit in corner with Reindeer, mood is lifted seeing an old school mate and my cousin her partner and their little boy.
  • 1.15pm Get home desperate for toilet
  • 2.00pm meet my older brother from North of the Border and his bride to be and L, D &E at Mr D’s Diner for a late lunch. There was much talk of next year and when I was talking to my LG and E (the two flower girls) I was told by my LG it’s a big secret, think the Brides dress is not theirs but she got confused bless. My LG also announced to the table that Daddy’s sausage is enormous! Obviously referring to my 12″ Hot Dog but the adults all found it very funny. Thank you for treating us L & D very naughty of you!
  • 4.00pm returned home to supervise Christmas tree and decorations hanging. This is really tough as it has always been a family thing and each year I am able to do less and less. A & L came back to ours to help and did a great job of putting the lights up and my wife and LG did a great job on the Christmas Tree. I put the star decoration on top of the tree the one tradition I can still manage.
  • 6.00pm and I am in suitably snuggled in cushion city on my sofa with foot stool.
  • 6.30pm My wife cooks tea for our son and his GF
  • 7.30pm My wife starts bedroom routine and puts our LG to bed, I then give her a kiss and cuddle goodnight
  • 8.00pm My wife starts the ironing in preparation for the working week
  • 8.15pm Still nestled in cushions and kept in drinks I pick the movie from Netflix for us to watch whilst my wife Irons
  • 10.15pm my wife brings through all my stuff for bed and sorts water for my meds, kiss and cuddle and exhausted she is in bed.
  • 11.30pm I write this and think people will wonder how can it have taken me hours to write this and how can I be the exhausted one and yet it is my wife who does everything and tomorrow morning she will be up at a little after 6 ready to do 50 hours+ next week at work on top of looking after me each morning and our LG from the minute she gets home each evening until her bedtime just to start working again before her own bedtime. I really hope my latest medication increase will help me to gain a bit more independence and to help her and the other family members who give up their time to keep our family unit ticking along. I owe you all more than I could ever pay you just know that I appreciate all you do and wish/hope to do more in the future for you all.
  • 11.45pm I am in cushion city with leg props, pillows and throws and am hoping for at least 4 hours sleep between now and 6…………………………….oh how I wish!

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