Sleep is an absolute nightmare, or lack of it for a spoonie!

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

It is amazing how just losing about an hour and a half of sleep, can leave you feeling, as though, you haven’t slept at all. Three things put me into this position, I woke up needing the loo, and when I returned to bed, Adam decided to snore and snore and snore………. The third one, that was my stomach. When I first climbed back into bed, a bed where somehow Adam a had stolen the duvet in the few minutes I had been gone. I lay there trying not to listen to his snoring and I clearly succeeded, falling into a light sleep, only to curse each time I was again aware of the noise. I think it was on about my third time of looking at the clock, that out of nowhere, the pain began. It is truly rare that my stomach with start hurting during the day. I…

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