Day 133 – Positives

Today has been one of those days that I dread, I woke up with a blocked nose and coughing. I know that means each cough will feel like a striker using my spine as a football. The only way the day could start worse was if my wife and tag team partner on the weekend with our little girl was feeling worse which of course she was. The one saving grace was the our LG had her flu spray Thursday and was herself more than happy to spend the morning cuddling up. We had tears mid morning when the end of Desmond was blowing a gale and we couldn’t go outside and despite my best efforts I couldn’t convince her to play with her dress up and wear a tutu. Unsurprisingly only I found this funny she looked at me like erm daddy have you gone crazy?

We did however whilst mummy rested (it seems so unfair that she works so hard during the week and then spends her weekends really rough because she spent two days at work last week due to her caseload when she should have been at home) do some artwork that granny had kindly bought for us. She knew it was something that I would be able to sit at the table and pace doing. It was a dinosaur that we got to paint leave to dry, then decorate leave to dry and finally add some glow in the dark globs of paint. It took us 5 hours start to end but our LG was very happy, and I was proud that it was something I managed to do with minimal increases in meds.

DSC_0007 (2)

This was interspersed by many episodes of Paw Patrol, acting them out with figurines and a bit of football focus, train track building and finally scooby doo! This evening it has been good to touch base and swap messages with some friends I’ve not spoken to in far too long J & S.

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