Day 135 – Positives

Today has been a up and down day, my wife is still suffering badly so wasn’t able to work and my LG normally has playgroup. Having worked more over the weekend looking after her with my wife being ill I wasn’t able to make it today and felt bad about this initially. However some thinking and mindfulness soon snapped me out of this. To give my wife peace we went up to my parents. If was my older brothers birthday and he was over with my sister in law and two nieces. We were also joined later in the day  by my younger brother’s 3 G so their house was a mad house. It was lovely seeing my LG playing so happily with her cousins and to see my brother on his birthday as all to often life gets in the way and I don’t spend as much time together with my siblings as I wish I could. I had cuddles with my nieces under 1 and played zoo’s with my LG and the others for a little while. A happy day seeing them together wish I had more spoons to stay longer but I burnt out and was snoozing at home within minutes of getting back!

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