Well today has rated highly amongst recent positives. First I had a coffee this morning with A one of my Unison Reps from work and P the HR worker who I have blogged about before. This was lovely to catch up with the gossip from work and talk about my plans for the future. They both commented on how I seemed more positive than the last time they had seen me. I think this is probably as a result of a number of factors, the decision regarding work, whilst being painful and upsetting is undoubtedly the correct one for me and my health but also having asked for help and having things slowly take shape means I can start to look towards the future. I have no more answers about what the future brings and have accepted my new level of mobility and functioning but I do feel more positive about how I will learn to live like this.

Without doubt however was the gift they brought from another colleague S. She is a reader of my blog and supportive of my journey and as I have learnt tonight stumbled across a shop on Etsy dedicated to Spoons. Now many of you will have seen me tag my posts Spoons or spoonie and if some of my newer readers are unaware of the meaning of this please read my blog Spoon Theory in Chronic Pain You will then understand the significance of S’s gift and why I was glad that I opened it once they had gone as I sat crying in a happy, thoughtful way. Inside the box was this gift

along with a card with the message “Just a little something to remind you that you are never alone & we all wish you the best”

Talk about make my day – Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Day 136 – Positives

    1. Yes it’s amazing isn’t it, is a glass jar so can’t attach to my keys which is a shame but just fathoming another way of having them with me all the time – so amazing nonetheless though.

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