Day 137 – Positives

Today has been another fun day watching my LG play with and care for her nieces. The lounge looked like a toy shop robbery this morning and having my LG sat on my lap whilst my niece sat between my legs on my footstool and we all played Paw Patrol was one of those simple moments in life that happen everyday but if you are not mindful and thankful they slip by without you appreciating them. I am always Marshall when play Paw Patrol and for those of you who haven’t seen it he is the Fire Dog Pup and I was pleased with this brave, fearless………………no wait my LG’s reasoning because he is clumsy and falls over a lot like you daddy. Made us laugh lots, it’s true, it’s effing painful when I do but its part of my spoonie life.

The best positive of today though (and no offence to those who spent today with me) was finally getting the balance right in this again so I could soak and relax for a while, daylight when I got in, dark when I got out perfect 🙂

hot tub

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