Today’s Daily Goal

In my recent blog about the 12 Days of Christmas one of the things I set was to have a daily goal to achieve,  Today’s Daily Goal – 12 Days of Christmas today’s was to take the gas and electricity meter readings (I had an email from my provider that it was that time of year) this involves a small amount of me stretching and testing myself to be ab able to read them. The electricity meter is easier and is indoors, the Gas made me go outside, so I did some of my 5 minutes walking exercise from physio outside (another of the ways to make the most of the rest of this year, and I was able to open the meter cupboard and perch on the boot of my car to read this. Both of which have been submitted online and I once again wait for them to bugger about with my DD like they do each quarter even though I keep telling them just to leave it at £100 as it equals itself out. I am now laying in cushion city resting or pacing as they say it, feeling proud of completing my first daily target.



3 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Goal

    1. I’ve given up bro, it’s a case of fu@k them on the D’s I know how much my annual usage is and save what ever they do not take to budget for when they overtake. It’s a case of Computer says we cannot think what the customer wants……


    2. I’ve now gone one better bro, having just received there email telling me my DD would go up to £101 pounds (we estimated £115 with added cost of hot tub on all year round and being fixed with our supplier until July 17 I have done a quick comparison check and fixing with same supplier to January 18 so no exit penalties reduces my bill by average of £210 based on last 12 months usage – looks like the hot tub is being heated for free until January 2018 and my DD is now going down to £85 hahaha 🙂

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