Accepting Limitations Caused by Chronic Pain & Illness

This is a great piece by a blogger I follow who sadly has had to go through similar to me regarding work. It is good to know that even having never met outside of the blogging world us Spoonies go through similar normal thoughts and feelings. I feel for you and wish you every success with your new venture

Wear, Tear, & Care

Yesterday, after much deliberation (far too much deliberation), I finally accepted the fact that I can no longer work a full-time job because of my chronic pain.

My bosses did everything they could to work with me on a solution, but I cannot fundamentally perform the tasks required by my job. Driving to the office, sitting in a chair every day, and traveling to meetings was chipping away at me, little by little, breaking down any resilience I had left… which sounds absurd, doesn’t it? A sedentary job being too much for me?

office-594132_960_720 Curse you, ergonomic chair!

But it was, and it is. Even mitigating devices put in place (like a kneeling chair at my desk or taking breaks in a recliner in my office) wasn’t enough. Husband has been begging me for ages to put my health first, finances be damned, but I kept dwelling on the decision and driving him…

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