Explain your pain the communication nightmare by Life in Slow Motion

I am fast becoming a massive fan of the blog Life in Slow Motion and I once again find myself linking to one of their blogs, this time it is a piece about why and what the Difficulties in Explaining my chronic pain are. It is not that I deliberately shut people out, but for all the reasons that have been so eloquently written in their blog it is difficult to explain, talk about and admit the pain, the impact of the pain and how tiring it makes. It goes slightly further for me having completed my pain management seminars and now having my sessions with Dr B I know, and am starting to have some of these difficult conversations with the ones that I love and I now know and realise that the words are as hard for them to hear as it is for me to say them. They if I want to reach my ultimate goal however need to be said.

I want to reach the point where if it is at all possible my nearest and dearest get to the point of not having to talk about my pain, it is a given that it is painful, it is forever changing me, my lifestyle and what I can and cannot do and 99.9% guaranteed that it will not disappear without some miraculous new breakthrough in science. The problem here is that it is natural having not seen someone for a bit to say hi how are you, or how are you doing – hell I even do it at my Spoonie support group where I know the honest answer will always be not good, yet still we say it, and still our natural lying response of not too bad kicks in. So I am going to be have more of my needed conversations about my pain with my nearest and dearest over the coming weeks and knowing that I cannot change the polite way we catch up with people and ask that question I am going to try and train myself to change the meaning. So that for me it doesn’t mean how are you in the pain sense but more of a what have you been up to, what successes have you had of late and what have you done that you have been proud of. I do not make new years resolutions as they never really mean anything or tend to be wishy washy, but maybe this should be one that I do keep……………….Anyway please read the link to the post by Life in slow motion about the difficulties in having conversations over pain and incase you missed the link please press here

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