Former colleagues…..amaze me again….

……………..they are people I have referred to many times on my blogs and I describe them as thus because it makes the distinction as to where I met them, however in truth they are better described as supportive friends. They are among some of my most understanding friends having seen first hand the decline in my health over the years from when I first started at college to where I am now. They have also been very understanding with my needs, and have become avid readers of my blog. I recently shared some pictures that were a gift of some spoons and said how immensely honoured I was to receive it.

Well today the postman equalled that delivery. Linda is a lady who comments on my posts regularly and she taught me many aspects of my role when I returned to work after my car accident. I was nervous and scared about returning to work, and although I have become accustomed to braving things and putting on a front she was a font of knowledge, she was understanding and patient with me when training and during our years working together we developed a great relationship and achieved success on a number of projects we were paired up on. She retired recently (well a few years back now but recent to me) and the college lost an excellent employee and I a friend. We shared a love of quizzes and bizarre facts and have stayed in contact since she left. She has a son around my age and is happy being a grandma. Today in the post I received a Christmas card from her and a small gift that like my spoons made my day. I have now received two fantastic gifts that mean more to me than the senders probably realise. In addition to being a spoonie I may have mentioned once or twice my love of Star Wars. Earlier in the year Linda made an amazing knitted Yoda for her grandchildren. I commented on how good I thought it was. Today you could have knocked me down with a feather when I opened the parcel and lo and behold but inside smiling up at me was;DSC_0054 (2)

My very own knitted Yoda. I was touched that someone had given up their own valuable time to make something for me as a gift and even more so with no prompting or requesting from me. I now have somewhere for the spoons to hang on Yoda’s side and two treasured gifts will now come with me wherever I go. Thank you Linda it is an incredible gift that I cannot describe how happy it has made me I look forward to catching up after you after your company in January. In the meantime Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

We can all all learn that a little bit of our own time and expertise goes a long way to making someone incredibly happy, so my motto for 2016 is share the love people!

One thought on “Former colleagues…..amaze me again….

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tribute – it is a pleasure to know you, and Yoda only took an afternoon to knit. Well worth it! (Incidentally, it was Gruffalos I knitted for my grandsons.)


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