Ramblings about Football and me……..

I obviously say this with tongue in cheek, but even in my wheelchair or scooter I’m sure I could show more passion in the post than some  of his multi-million pound stars have this season. I accept that this blog is slightly off topic but the analogy will get there I promise. Football used to be a huge influence in my life. From a very young age I remember being out with my mate s and a “insert any number of words here” to use as a football. I played throughout school and was before a hand injury a very promising young goalkeeper. I kept this love of football up playing and/or setting up teams for many years and I have made many friends on the football field. Even post my car accident I kept links with the last team I helped set up until they folded. We as players all grew older, started having families of our own so our priorities changed, Although my love for the game never went.

I now get my fix from the odd match I get to see on TV and via highlights shows such as MotD or the Bundesliga show on a Monday night. What disappoints me most in the game  is the amount of footballers at the top who week in week out show a real lack of passion and desire. You look at the teams who supposedly are over achieving and the one thing that sticks out it is the hard work they have all been putting in on the field. I have over the last few seasons been disillusioned with football. FIFA is more corrupt than the Houses of Parliament and I never thought I’d say that about another organisation. Ticket prices are out of my league, booking a wheelchair space with carer has proved impossible for the last couple of years and player prices and wages have just become ridiculous.

Now I understand it has become a business and this had made changes but so many clubs including my own blue and white ITFC run at such stupid losses that no other businesses would survive. Players at the peak of their careers earn more money in a year than most people will earn in a lifetime and get paid whether play or not, and never get sacked, as a result many do not live in the real world and do not appreciate the lives they have. The person who always gets the chop is the manager and then a media frenzy ensues. I for one would love Leicester to win the league, what a story of inspiration that would be for other clubs to aspire too.

So here we go having rambled on – high meds after yesterday having 3 hours out for drinks with my support group – the tenuous link to football. Despite the corruption, despite the money grabbing clubs and players, despite the fact I can no longer get to live games, despite the blame of failure always laying on the head of the manager even if he has an entire first team of players all valued at £10-£20 Million plus if those people do not have the determination to play their best on any given day some team with more determination and a greater will to succeed and prove people wrong can and do beat others.The underdog story is brilliant, the crazy gang winning the FA Cup in my youth still lives on this day yet more than 30 other FA Cup finals I don’t even remember who was in them. Having to battle with everyday simple stuff means I have less time for over paid muppets who do not try their hardest every week. It is true there are players who break the norm and do good and I respect them, I wish I still respected football………….

It is very much like the battle I have everyday, it would be easy to think what’s the point of working hard, life is what it is (ok I’m not getting millions of pounds a month to do underachieve in fact I’m not even getting a penny for it) and why shouldn’t I be spending days, that become months, that become years not performing to my full potential. For me the answer is my family need to learn true values in life and that if they work hard they can achieve anything even if it goes against all the odds. Just to get up, showered and dressed is a battle but I do it everyday, I am unable to work but I still contribute to my family being there for them, a moral guidance and on a good day I may load the dishwasher or cook in the slow cooker. The point is I could under achieve everyday quite easily and give up on life, instead I defy the odds and fight my own match each and everyday. When I started this piece it made much more sense in my head than it now does on the screen, and I have spent the last few hours toying whether to post it, but have decided what the heck I know what I mean. If just one reader does you are doing very well.


Now some writing from my LG

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I think her’s makes more sense hehehe

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