Day 147 – Positives

Christmas is a time for family and fun and giving and sharing, or at least it always has been for me and my family. We did however learn quite early on in our relationship that we will never please everyone all the time. I think sometimes you can get so busy making sure you are pleasing everyone else that you can forget you are also a family unit and need, no want, no need some time with each other. Trouble is my wife and I are naturally caring people and we all too often forget this latter part and make time for ourselves. Take today for instance, nothing planned, nothing in the diary the whole day to ourselves. In the end though we spent the day off doing a Christmas card run for some of our family who were unable to get their cards delivered themselves. In truth though it gave my wife the opportunity to visit her Nanny and put a Christmas wreath down, we did this and then popped cards though the letterboxes. Then came the dreaded Christmas food well one third of it, we have broken it up into smaller chunks so one massive shop doesn’t bugger me up, we basically load up one trolley full of the trollleies that attach to my wheelchair and that’s it, it means I can get pushed round and we are not in there too long. Even had local scouts bagging up for charity at the checkouts.

Only one way to end the day was to float in the hot tub and do some of my stretches in the hot tub, and playing with dinosaurs in there with my LG

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