Day 149 – Positives

Today’s positive was my lunch with a very good friend J at the Station Bistro. I have known J for a number of years having worked with her during my time at the college and she gets me and my quirks and my hang ups being out in public and she is part of my circle of friends helping me to overcome this.

We enjoyed many a conversation over lunch whilst we were working there and as has been the way we drifted following J moving on to bigger and better things, this I have to say was my bad and I am glad we are in more regular contact again. When I had my most recent pain set back or relapse for want of a better phrase I shut out many people and true friends stuck it out. J kept trying to keep in contact with me and was understanding of why I had shut people out. When we get together we always have a good time and today my LG came with us and provided great entertainment over lunch as we caught up on the last few months. I am lucky to call J my friend, she is honest with me, even if the truth may not be what I want to hear, she has helped me to overcome my fear of butterflies and has listened when I have needed a friend, I hope I have done the same for her.

2 thoughts on “Day 149 – Positives

  1. Yes Linda, she is doing very well. Was a kafuffle getting my wheelchair into the bistro, but once it was in it was lovely. She found out all about how I get to Norwich with my mobility scooter, so I hope to extend my freedom in the new year when/if I feel up to it 🙂 xx


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