Day 150 – Positives My Big Brother from another Mother

Today my big brother A came round to see me. Now I call him my big brother because he has known me for over half my life now and he has been there for me on countless occasions. Celebrating my victories, picking me up after my defeats, quite literally saving my life one evening and more times than either of us can remember we drinking, laughing, dancing and sharing the good times. Even with everything I have been through since my car accident he has kept in regular contact with me, helped me sort my head when it’s been spiraling and most of all accepting each new change as it came along. Today he popped over to see me as he has finished work for the year and he knew I was having trouble getting all the bits I needed for the Christmas Feasting.

There are so many offers on this time of year that you want to see what is out there but living in chronic pain makes it difficult to keep making trips out. Especially when each aisle is like a slalom course and the shopping trolley’s that fit to the front of my wheelchair only hold enough stuff to shop for one let alone a family of 4/5. So today he came over (about a 40 mile round trip) to see me and took me shopping. He pushed me around in my wheelchair, discovered how difficult they are to steer with a trolley on the front and how wheels jam up against each other, the cloak of invisibility you immediately don, the limited amount of stuff you can fit in a trolley and how most of the produce you cannot reach. It was never in doubt that A understood how difficult it was, and not only did he shop, he put everything away, made us our lunch and drinks and all without asking. That is why I consider him a big brother to me, he can talk help me out, he can talk straight to me, he can call me a cock when I’m being too proud and he can sit by a fire with a beer and talk the night away! Love you bro!

Now I know there are no easy solutions to any of the shopping dilemmas but I say to you, next time you decide you are going to pop out for a quick shopping trip think about any friends and/or neighbours you have who might appreciate a quick text or knock and you asking can I grab you some milk or bread etc. I am lucky that my parents do our shopping when they do their own and that I have good friends and neighbours who help out too so that my wife gets at least some rest from working full time and caring for me, you may know people not so lucky and I’m sure you would make someone smile picking up an extra milk carton when you do.

2 thoughts on “Day 150 – Positives My Big Brother from another Mother

  1. Any time I can help, I will bro.

    Was great to see you all and spend time together, and I’m glad I could help. Next time I will need to rack up a higher score for ankles, backsides and bags knocked with the trolley!

    It’s true I’d always known shops inadequately catered to customers (the number of times I’ve had to reach for folk (high, low and over things). Today drove home just how difficult it can be just to navigate when the trolley attached to your chair means you can’t reverse!

    It also surprised me how badly the store was laid out even though it’s quite a new store – narrow aisles, boxes of goods and staff stacking shelves making it just like a slalom event.

    Having worked in different aspects of retail and merchandising over the years (visual and virtual) I know how retailers regard “eye level” as premium product placement – perhaps they should be thinking about making “eye level” products more accessible to everyone.

    Given that internet shopping robs us of so much social interaction – even just getting out of the house – shouldn’t stores want to encourage people to come in, be able to get the things they want (easily), but also to enjoy the experience and pick up the additional items we never knew we wanted anyway!

    Happy feasting bro and looking forward to seeing you next week.


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