OK on the back of my blog¬†Day 150 Positives I am wondering how many of my friends, followers, readers are willing to accept the shopping challenge and to pass it on to their friends and family. It is a simple concept and something I would never have thought of were it not for my disability and the difficulties I face with this simplest of daily tasks. The issue has been compounded in the UK with the death of the corner store and as good as the internet is I can’t get a supermarket to bring me 6 pints of milk if I happen to use more one week as a one off item on an internet shop.

So here it is, how well do you know your friends and neighbours? Do you know of someone who is temporarily incapacitated following an operation? Do you have a disabled friend or neighbour who could do with a lift or you picking up a couple of items for them? Do you know someone who cares for others so forgets themselves? Do you know someone unsteady on their feet so doesn’t want to go out in the snow if you live in a snowy climate, or are you just simply going out to grab something and know someone else will need it too?¬† Are you too afraid to ask them if they need anything for risk of offending them – then share this blog or show them this post from Facebook or Twitter or wherever you have seen it. I know many of my friends already give up time to help various charities I am now wondering if we can do a few things closer to home?

I’d love to get #shoppingchallenge trending around the web however the reality is I am one person in sleepy Norfolk England and the changes of that happening are about 6 billion to 1, however it is a really simple thing to do. Just ask someone if you can help them out next time you are picking up your prescription if you know they have one, or popping to the shops, try and help your community. I mean if you are out for drinks you get your round in so why not help those who need it.

When I was growing up and it really wasn’t that long ago there were corner shops if you ran out of an item that you could pop to easily, there was a sense of community and we all knew we would help each other. Everywhere I see sad or depressing news being reported – yet everyday I am amazed by the amount of help and support I get from others to do simple things like washing and dressing and I wanted to do start something that will help others. If I get just one comment or share to say you have done this I will be over the moon!

3 thoughts on “The #ShoppingChallenge – Will you sign up?

  1. What a great idea. Love thy neighbor? Now where have I seen that before? We live in a very selfish world these days. Most people are good and would gladly help. They are sometimes blinded by the sheer pace of the world today. If people made just a small change the world would be a better place. If you are reading this then try it. I assure you will feel so much better for it.

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  2. What a good idea – I shop for my neighbour across the hallway occaisionally as she suffers from mobility problems and cannot always get out, so I know how much it is appreciated.

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