Keeping my LG amused tracking Santa

SO as the excitement builds and the preparation is underway we are now in full on Christmas mode. Our son is in meltdown as he has got a paper jam in our printer and he needs it for his GF so I am now covered in ink as I am getting that sorted. One panic over.

My wife’s job has meant she has stayed later than she would have and would have booked it off had she known what was going to happen so who knows what will happen with food preparation.

Our LG is in major full on excited mode and we have just watched the following Video on the NORAD Santa tracking site. She is now in the process of tidying her toys in her words “we need to get it tidier than ever so Santa doesn’t get stuck in any toys, quick get a move on people heave ho lets go” is being shouted and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is now being sung and she is making a fantastic job of clearing up. Then she wants to colour a picture in for Santa to take, with his Milk and Mince Pies

If your little ones are going mad I recommend this most definitely to calm them or at least focus them for a few hours.

We’re now about to put our Santa Stop here sign out and continue to track Santa’s deliveries!

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