Day 152 – Positives – Itssssssss Christmassssss

Today’s positives all relate to it being Christmas Day, I know Christmas Day means a lot of things to a lot of people, for Christians it is the birth of Christ, for Pagans (both of whom have a rich history in England) it is part of the Winter Solstice celebrations marking the coming of light or longer days. Christmas trees have different meanings to people and anyone who caught the Queens speech today would have seen her reference to an image of Queen Victoria.

For me Christmas marks a a time of having fun with family. My wife and I were up and awake before our little girl today, and we have been lucky to share today with our parents and grand parents. We opened stockings from Father Christmas, presents from our family and even my wife and I managed to surprise one another with some gifts. We have a lovely three course lunch and we have been thankful for the whole day. Now I know there are others less fortunate and whilst I have sympathy for them today has been positive for me because of everything we had today, not the value of gifts for which as a family we all work hard for in different ways, but for the laughter, the smiles, the cuddles, the memories, the photographs, the candle on our table in memory of my wife’s nan who sadly passed away this, the queens speech which was poignant for this very reason and most of all being with our loved ones. Sadly our house is not big enough to have all our family members with us and we missed you and will catch up with you all in due course. The year has been tough personally but today has been special, I had beautiful words in a card from our son, a lovely cuddle with my wife, fun (I think) cooking with my mum and best of all lots of laughter. I hope all our family and friends had as many laughs as we did.

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