One day with months to recover and then the planning starts all over again for the next one I feel your pain – I’m considering hibernation next winter 🙂

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

I guess that it is going to take a while for me to return to being just me. Christmas is always the same, too much to eat, too much to drink and not enough sleep. All my great plans of getting up an hour later, have been happening, but they have well and truly been undone, by the desire to watch TV programs when aired, rather than the next day. I guess, that no matter how used you grow to the modern world, some pleasures, still have to happen at the right time, or their just not the same. Mind you, the modern world destroyed one program for us. Our sky box decided that it was going to freeze up totally and need rebooting, half way through “Dr. Who”. We still haven’t actually seen the end of it, as there just hasn’t been time, but we will, so no one…

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