12 Days of Christmas – 6 Things that made me smile in 2015

So this is an interesting one, living with pain isn’t all doom and gloom even if the days are repetitive and the pain is constant you have to learn to live with it and sometimes that means putting up with an increase in the pain and using a weeks worth of spoons in one day just to have some fun and then a spoon crash otherwise the dark clouds descend far too quickly and frequently. It has been difficult to decide which 6 things to put up, so again in no particular these are some of the highlights of 2015 that make me smile

  • My LG beating me in a Lightsaber duel, the final strike being a crack on my head and then at 3 years old declaring herself the master of all the galaxies.
  • My birthday BBQ at high lodge. I was surrounded by most of my local family (sadly Dad was ill) and my closest friends. We had a lovely day and even the weather was glorious.
  • Surprising my Auntie and Uncle and heading to the twins birthday party. They are my cousins children if anyone can confirm exactly what relation that makes them to me please do, we are all just cousins 🙂
  • Meeting my fellow Spoonies at the Pain Management Centre and then NACP
  • Two surprise gifts my Spoons from S and Yoda from L, the gifts meant so much to me and now sit in our car so they come with us wherever we go.
  • My wife, children, parents/in laws and famiends they all do so much to help me and our family unit that it is impossible not to smile when I am with them
  • As a bonus 7th because it was such a huge breakthrough moment was when my mate Shaun helped me get back to the Snooker Club in my home town. I had been going there over 2 decades but since needing my wheelchair for nights out I’d stopped going. He messaged me on Social Media (even though he’s a supporter of the Canaries haha) He encouraged me to go and booked a table for me on a night he was working, without which I would not have been brave enough to go. It is difficult and painful to play wheelchair snooker but it is fantastic seeing all the faces from the the club again and gives me a night out every so often!

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