Day 154 – Positives Friends the family we choose.

Today was a very slow day having been woken during the night and struggling to sleep I was pleased the household slept in. Small things save spoons. Today’s positives though are about our friends. My wife is still best friends with her 3 best friends from school (and since my wife and I went to school together they are people I have known for 3 decades. It is no surprise then that when we get together we have a real laugh. Today we met up with two of them. N and her husband A invited us and A and her husband D to theirs for the afternoon and dinner. I have been running on empty so before going I’d said to my wife I really want to be home early tonight, even though I knew we’d have fun, more importantly than that I knew they would understand and not be upset about us leaving early.

We all have children our LG is the youngest at 3 going up to 9 years and growing up together they all know one another so well. Indeed one of our friends boys has planned on being a famous footballer and marrying our daughter – I’ve thought ahead and said yes if he lets met be his agent/manager. When they get together it is like having 4 Tasmanian devils in a room, one minute they are caged quietly playing a game with us all the next minute mass bundles are occurring with the volume enough to raise the roof. Fortunately we are all very easy going and knowing one another so well just for the most part let them get on with enjoying being children. They are forced to grow up so quickly in the world we live in today that discouraging fun, den building from cardboard boxes and cardboard arrows are flying around the room. The sounds of laughter and shrieks and squeals of delight can’t help but lift your mood.

I have my own designated chair when I am at N & A’s which allows me to see the whole room with minimal twisting and means I can be fully involved in all conversations, have a table placed by for my drinks and between them, my wife and A & D I am really well looked after. They say friends are the family you choose and this is never truer spoken than a select group of our friends. Although thankfully they do not know what living my life is like everyday (A does appreciate pain having had severe arthritis for a number of years) they do not focus on it when I am with them, yes they make things as easy and comfortable as possible but then we just get on with the business of having fun together. The old adage laughter is the best medicine was also very apt this evening, having had tea and then more fun afterwards the kids were all still going strong at 9 o’clock actually when we realised it was that late I couldn’t believe it! A lovely night, with lovely family – role on NYE

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