12 Days of Christmas – 5 Blogs I Follow

This has been really tough as blogging has become a saving grace to me in a 2015 that is best forgotten and I read so many others who have inspired me, inspire me and who I know help them so sticking to just 5 has been difficult, once again though in no particular order

If you do not already read these blogs I would encourage you to stop by, there is a mix of inspiring stories, humour, stress, poetry and something that you can relate to whether you have chronic pain or not!

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – 5 Blogs I Follow

  1. Thank you for that recommendation. Do you know what I like best about your blog? Perhaps a little sexist on my part but I highly appreciate the male perspective. Which taught me that you struggle with the same emotional issues as all us women, and how you deal with those issues is eye-opening. After reading So many blogs written by women, I instantly saw that you, as a man, have the issues but your approach to dealing is slightly different. I appreciate that a lot. So thank you for sharing.


    1. Thankyou, I do not think your comments sexism at all, in fact I think they are lovely. Us men don’t always talk about emotions and feelings and that is our biggest downfall (although don’t tell any men in your life I have admitted what our kryptonite is). We do have very similar struggles and emotions and our processes for dealing with them are different and I am just happy to be putting them out there for others to see and understand. If it helps just one person open up I’ll be happy 🙂 I hope you didn’t have too many spoons taken up celebrating the new year and that 2016 brings you happiness and as much good health as we can manage!


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