Day 158 – Positives – 2016 a year to challenge accessibility head on?

The year ended with my best month for views, likes and comments in an individual month for my blogs and started in the best possible way, waking up with my wife and LG and then a late brunch friends superbly cooked by A. I have to say your flat dippy eggs as our LG likes to call them were amazing and I need to know your secret. We had a lazy morning before heading to the new Next superstore at Longwater. I should have known this was going to be a bad trip when confronting me at either end of the pathway between the disabled parking bays was this I mean we all want a little slalom in our wheelchairs immediately before the zebra crossing and dropped kerb, makes for a much more exhilarating run to and from the store!

lamp posts

With the eagerly awaited arrival of my new chair we went hunting for a sofa that we’d seen in a friends book, only to bamboozle the sales assistant when despite great big photos on the wall of the sofa in fabric and in all their “Directories” it seems someone has taken the decision to only make one of their most popular sofas in leather now – Pictures were hurriedly removed from walls by embarrassed staff before we had left the store. Despite the store being new I was some what disappointed by how inaccessible large areas were to me in my wheelchair. I wonder if these huge companies employ “mystery shoppers” to highlight accessibility issues?!? Despite all this if they continue to charge as they did today I will be happy. Buying 3 items my wife finally found a pair of jeans she liked but was umming and aarrring over the cost, not sure what the fuss was about when I paid we left. It was until I was talking to my wife when we got home that we realised they scanned at £16 instead of £45, if we’d known this was going to be the case I think we’d have bought 3 pairs 🙂

All things considered a fun start to the new year, I got home and edited some great photos from last night and even some from the London fireworks display, amazing what a camera can take from a TV screen, it’s like we were there.

2 thoughts on “Day 158 – Positives – 2016 a year to challenge accessibility head on?

    1. I know, who plans these things…….and worse still who signs off on them. They must be being paid fortunes and for what!!!!! I know you need lighting but not in the middle of a wheelchair pathway……


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