12 Days of Christmas – 2 Wishes for 2016

This has been open to interpretation for me and I have struggled with this, it goes without saying that I wish the health and happiness for my famiends, and as small amount of pain daily throughout the year as possible for me. I’d also love to win the lottery so I could payback my family and friends a fraction of all the help and support they have given me over the years. On a slightly more personal issue I hope to lose weight and start hydrotherapy exercising again, now these are in my control so not really wishes. I would also like town/city planners, store lay outs and the general public to be more understanding and tolerant of the needs of people with disabilities.

I guess if I had two measurable wishes what I’d really love to see happen and so wish for in 2016 is in no particular order

  • A pavement to be put in and around the new playground at Ketts Park #itisonlyapavement
  • To help create a Wymondham and District Access Group, who would be able to advise local, town and district Councillors on new projects being developed in the community to make them inclusive, planners on a number of issues and to give disabled people in my community a voice……………..who knows maybe this will be a longer term thing but I hope the foundations can be started.

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