Day 160 – Positives – Some us time

Today we actually had some us time, well as best as us time gets, meaning there are no plans and only a handful of household chores to do. Unfortunately that generally means for my wife as most of them I cannot do. We have however for months been saying that we will have a clear out of our wardrobes as there are clothes in there that for me now only fit one leg, let alone my new waist. I know this year I am hoping to lose some weight and whilst this is incredibly difficult living in chronic pain and with a disability I know many items will be out of fashion before I ever fit them again. The clothes that were no longer good to wear have been disposed of, and the rest that were in good condition my in laws are taking to the British Heart Foundation collection point, as my wife’s Nan donated to them regularly whilst she was alive it seemed fitting (if you pardon the pun) to send them to them. There are so many worthwhile charities it is hard to decide who to give to! Still good deed done, wardrobes cleared out, trips down memory lane had and laughs enjoyed!

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