Day 161 – Positives

Today’s positive has to be that I was going through car insurance quotes online and I managed to successfully navigate the minefield of tick or untick boxes (because no two sites are the same) to ensure that I did not get any phone calls from the companies I was obtaining quotes from. If I wanted a pushy salesperson I would call, the fact that I am doing it at my own speed, in between my own medication peaks and flows and online mean I do not want a call. If you cannot put your best prices online and you require someone to try and flog me a cheaper quote you are barking up the wrong tree. I don’t want cheap, I want the best possible cover at an affordable price, there is a difference and for that I need to read through stuff not off a script! If you cannot tell in a former life I have done insurance and call centres and know the tricks of the trade………

I only wish they made it simpler to avoid phone calls, simpler wording on policy documents and simpler to know exactly what is and isn’t included but that would be asking too much.

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