Yoga for healing…try it…don’t push yourself…

Today due to my pain I was unable to attend my support groups yoga class, it is run specifically for people with various disabilities and chronic pain issues and in addition to this we have a good old gossip and coffee afterwards. Much of what is done in the class I have to adapt to be able to do it from my wheelchair, and when I can’t do it I either cause mischief and take a few cheeky photos and videos or concentrate on my breathing techniques. It doesn’t work for all of us, but that is the nature of chronic pain there is no one common cures all. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t increase my pain so I really have to tune in to my body to make sure I listen to it and don’t do too much as no pain no gain goes completely out the window when you have chronic pain. Instead of doing nothing though I did some of the movements I have learnt, my breathing and some of my physio stretches in the hot tub this afternoon. I was proud of myself even if I had to drip all round the house as I cannot dry myself afterwards but it was worth it, definitely the best man cave ever, better than any of George Clarke’s Amazing spaces, just need to get my fish up tub

Sending my apologies to the group later one of them L shared a link to a you tube channel that has some good videos on them for people with pain. Now I would say watch them first and see if you think any are suitable, if you are more stable initially sitting down adapt them to suit you, that is the true beauty of yoga, and before any of you think I know an instructor I’ll be the first to admit I was skep….no very skeptical at first especially knowing how limited my own range of movement is, and maybe it is coupled with the social interaction but I have really enjoyed the classes and will certainly be continuing them at my own leisurely pace to ensure I am doing all that I can to help myself. I’m not teaching any of you to suck eggs when I say here please watch the channel uploads first and then please, please listen to your own bodies if you are going to try some of these out. If I hit on any that help or hinder I’ll share them in February when the current funded course we are on ends. Until then Yoda and out (well I do love Star Wars as you well know.

“Do or do not there is no try”

One thought on “Yoga for healing…try it…don’t push yourself…

  1. I’m not able to do yoga as much as I used to when my Lupus was quiet. I remember I did not want to try it ever. My idea of working out is breathing heavy and sweating. I decided to just try it and it kicked my a**! Lol! I was so sore the next day (the good kind of sore)!!


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