How early does women’s intuition kick in……

……..I say this because at 3 years and 2 months my LG’s intuition is fully kicked in and on the money. I have blogged in the past about her ability to judge my pain and how she is always willing to help but this last two days it has gone further that.

I have blogged about my somewhat confusing family tree previously and my dad (well who I call dad) has been with my mum all my adult life some 20 years. Yesterday after a period of severe illness we got the sad news that his dad who we have always referred to as Popsy passed away peacefully at home. My aunt posted this lovely tribute to him earlier “Yesterday lunchtime I lost the best father that anyone could have wished for, he worked so bloody hard for his family that his body was worn up and finally gave up on him. Love you Dad and I am pleased you’re not in pain anymore but I wish you didn’t have to go xxxxx”

It is always sad when you lose someone in your life and even if it is not always unexpected it still affects you deeply. I found myself quite upset yesterday and got to thinking of not only Popsy but also my mum’s dad who we lost 15 years ago after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a number of years.

My thoughts have been with my Dad, his mum, two brothers and sister and all our extended family since hearing the news. He was a fantastic granddad, the sought who would have written the guide books on how to get your grandchildren in to mischief. My brother reminded me of two stories about him, one where he taught him how to blow the lids off of dustbins and he has been blowing up things ever since. The other was finding a burst ball over a holiday park near the beach. The caravan was positioned next to an entrance/exit to the beach over some sand dunes and granddad said about filling the ball with large stones and placing it in the middle of the last piece of sand and then we got to sit back and watch, or more correctly I should say listen as people came running down the slope and kicked the ball. I know you shouldn’t laugh at things like this but trust me if you had been there you would have been laughing with everyone else. In this day and age no doubt people would be suing and calling the police and goodness knows what else or making a few quid off it one YBF or You Tube.

My LG has now lost two great grandparents in the last 7 months but she has been lucky to have spent time with them. Loving Return of the Jedi as she does she understands about dying as I had to explain to her about Yoda when he dies in the film. She asked me why he reappears at the end of the film and the best explanation I could give is that as long as we have memories to remember that person by they will still be with us. She remembers feeding the fish with Popsy and their cats. She has also picked up on me being below par, I have had plenty of cuddles from her today and for the first time ever when both my wife and I have been at home together to do the bedtime routine she asked me to read her bedtime story, and promptly picked the ‘Dinosaur that Pooped a lot’ because she thought it would make me laugh.

Amazing things children, resilient more than we are as parents in many ways at such a young age, a role that becomes reversed later in life and you know that time is coming. Make memories now, laugh with your family, tell your parents and your children how much you love them and if you get to be a granddad make sure you pass on mischievous misgiving to your grandchildren you can get away with it and you’ll leave them with the right memories to hold on to.

RIP Granddad Grant

One thought on “How early does women’s intuition kick in……

  1. Yes, children do seem to have a sixth sense about these things. I have heard a theory that it gets knocked out of them/becomes overwhelmed by the other stuff they learn as part of growing up in a developed world. Pity!

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