Day 166 – Positives

Today the weather was grey and windy to say the least but I needed to escape the house so my wife to my and our LG into town to purchase some cards, birthday presents, have a spot of lunch, pop to the library and then as the heavens opened just as we were going to go to the park to the next town along to visit a mobility shop and check out beds and a new wheelchair.

Whilst we were out we encountered envy with the lady in the car next to us who had a special arm that picked her mobility scooter up and took it out and lifted it back in to her car, and an automated tailgate, seriously need to get my motability vehicle sorted so I can regain my independence in time.

The scooter whizzed around town and even managed to fit it in our local toy shop, which is a lovely shop and a credit to our town. I was good with my lunch and avoided my kryptonite crisps that were on my plate. If I am seriously going to lose weight I must start eat healthy. Lastly we called in to see my dad.

A successfully busy yet quiet day so as to not aggravate my pain too much and supported our local community with a spot of spending! With the icing on the cake being a small amount of weight loss when weighing myself this evening

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