Day 168 – Positives

Little Acorns started back today after their Christmas break and with my usual help and support (do you think I would look kool if I started referring to them as my entourage? hahaha) and they had a messy play session where we I mean my LG could play with moon sand – a great thing I’d never heard of before and very simple to create at home with flour, baby oil and some glitter or other such substance to add colour and texture to the sand. Ordinarily those ingredients prior to my accident were saved for a weekend but I guess they work in other environments too 🙂 ! There was also shaving foam to play and splash around in, my LG is no stranger to this given I am bald (well almost) and my head is shaved twice a week in the patches that it does grow. When we sat at the table my LG asked is this the cream mummy and J (her big brother) like. I innocently said no it’s what goes on daddy’s hair before we shave it. At which point a LB at the table glooped a load into his hair. I found this funny his parent/carer said that he was very suggestible and I’m not sure how sincere she felt I was through my laughs as I said I should think before I speak! Still me and my entourage all had fun. The added bonus too was seeing my niece and sister-in-law there too.

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