A small touch of kindness means so much…

…….I know it is said often but it really is true and people underestimate how such a small gesture can go a long way. This evening P from HR swung by on his way to a very lovely pub in my hometown called the Green Dragon. There were some formalities that had to be completed in my ill health retirement, in just 9 days I will be retired and in 10 days my new life begins, I have no idea where it will take me or what it will offer but if I continue to encounter people who are as caring and understanding as P and some for my soon to be former colleagues I will be a lucky man.

P has agreed to send out an email on my behalf to people explaining that much as I’d love to come in and say goodbye to people I am not physically or mentally strong enough and that I hope later on this year to have a get together with people when I have adjusted and hopefully be in a little less pain. Furthermore he collected my door pass, lanyard, office key and drawer key so that it could be emptied of any personal effects. I suspect all that will be in there is stuff that needs to be shredded but this can now be done on my behalf. As I handed all this over I said how sad it felt handing in my picture badge and it really was like the final nail in the coffin. P being the ever understanding colleague and an even better friend said I could keep this piece. I know to some it will seem a little strange wanting to hold onto this small memento but I made some good friends and had some successful times there. It is a small amount of evidence that I can talk to my LG about when she is older, talking about not giving up in the face of adversity and always trying to better yourself.

It was a small gesture and he needn’t have done it and could quite rightly insist on it being returned but he didn’t. Simple things mean a lot.

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