It is not always a good day…….

…………..I have been eagerly awaiting news of my new rise and recline chair from my adult social services OT, we missed each other the past few days and despite asking colleagues if there was anything wrong I was assured not. It seems that was not the case and having finally spoken to her today it seems I have become her first ever client to be turned down funding for this style of chair. I am trying to look at it logically and fairly especially because I understand the pressures and strains they are under with cuts due to my wife’s job. It is however frustrating and annoying when this process is now into its 4th month and yet more medical evidence is required, it is not enough that I have been medically retired, take enough medication to knockout a herd of elephants, have been visited several times by there own OT who has seen all the other aids already in place around my home, have been sleeping on my couch for the past goodness knows how many months due to the pain and difficulties getting in and out of bed and have been honest with them about not applying for certain grants as I knew that although currently being eligible based on income and savings due to being off work for so long my ill health retirement could impact on this. It makes you think what is the point of being honest – fingers crossed there is a quick (ha medical reports quick) resolution or I can add this to the growing list of thousands of pounds worth of items and adjustments that my wife basically busts a gut at work for all week on top of caring for me and my LG for someone to say no – over a third of her salary this year has already gone on aids and treatments for me! As you can tell I am a little upset at the moment – and whilst trying to be understanding it is very, very difficult. Who said honesty is the best policy????

I’m not sure whether I’m more upset with this or…………..


…………with the fact that my pain has been so out of control that I remain unable to go to the cinema and watch the film and up until today had managed to avoid anything about it – but what pops up on my wall this evening a photo asking which is your favourite moment in Star Wars and an image of Qui-Gon Jinn and Han Solo with red sith lightsabers sticking out of them. If my favourite stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder has been killed in the Force Awakens and this has been spoilt for me I am going to be devastated on two levels. Time to simmer and for some mindfulness me thinks!

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