Saints & Saviours beginning with S – Fountains not Drains

It is fair to say the last few days have not been the smoothest for me and the family. We’ve been trying to plan various stuff to secure our future now that I have been retired and it seems that we just get to some sort of decision and a door gets shut in our faces. It has felt like I’ve been in one of those mirror mazes and trust me being surrounded by an angry looking bald bearded fella even if it is your own reflection is scary at times. I have great people around me and they can quite regularly lift my mood when they notice you are wavering. However having been somebody who has always enjoyed helping others and making them happy sometimes the best way to lift my mood is just some good news that has nothing to do with me but makes someone else happy. This week someone very close to me who will remain nameless gave me the good news that she is dating, courting, seeing or whatever the “kids” say these days. This person is very dear to me and deserves to be happy so when I heard the news I was over the moon.

Further good news was delivered, if you pardon the pun when we found out that there will be another baby in the family come July, this time on my wife’s side. Very happy for L & K

The final surprise this week came from another S, she is a friend who I first met at Harpers Gym many, many years ago and through chance meetings have bumped into one another at various times. She moved up to Yorkshire but the power of social media means we have kept in touch. Like me she is caring by nature and we have caught up with each others lives, she is happy and settled and many years ago she met my wife, she genuinely wanted to listen and care about my journey through my blogs. The other day she very kindly told me and I quote “you’re an inspiration with your attitude and your writing”  and this was on one of my low days. Now I do not always feel like this so to be told it by someone else was a real boost. They were words I needed to hear as it was a bad day and although we haven’t seen one another for probably a decade it was like we spoke only yesterday. It is important to have friends in your life who are willing to listen and one thing I have learnt with my Chronic pain and disability is that so many people do not know how to treat you or cannot strike that balance of treating you like they always have taking the piss and so on and so forth but not ignoring the elephant in the room that is me in my wheelchair or scooter but so many people do not know how to address the two. She said a lovely little quote that if I knew how to create a worthy picture for twould, she simply said you need fountains in your life, not drains! Now how true is that beautiful things that give so much,  and not drains that suck not only you but your soul. How true is this!

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