A year in photos…………..

Each year I do a family photobook, where month by month I put together a selection of the best photos from the previous year. Since everything has become digital we seem not to print many photos out so to have an 120 page hardback photobook is a little something I can do for the family to treasure our memories.

Our LG and famiends love to look through them (well I know our LG does, our famiends may just be being polite) and it always makes me laugh when she looks at one from before she was born and wonders why she doesn’t appear.

Well I have started last years and it is a real surprise what a difference having our camera has made. We have managed to capture some amazing images and I cannot wait to get the first half of the year back. We had a tough year it has to be said and the things we did were limited largely by my mobility issues and the need for places to be wheelchair or scooter friendly so whilst doing the book I noticed a significant change in the variety of places we have visited and a larger number of days at people’s homes. I have given myself a hard time about how much the family have missed out on this past year and a half but having gone through the images I feel a little bit better. We may no have gone out as much but whether at home or at friends everybody from children to adults have had huge smiles on their faces (it helps that I’m behind the camera so my grimacing and twitching is avoided). I was worried about doing the book this year but seeing everybody laughing and smiling really has shown me that I am surrounded by the best people and it makes accepting the pain and my disability easier sharing days with you all. Thank you to everyone wh0 made 2015 as much fun as it could be through the pain and difficult times and here’s to you all helping us through the future!

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