The mind of a spoonie is a unique thing, these are not my memories but they are certainly how my mind works now and why mid conversation with you I can disappear totally to a different time and place!

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

Time to think is one of the luxuries or possible, one of the nightmares, of not working. I guess it depends on your viewpoint. I for one, see it as a pure luxury, as good or bad, my thoughts are the one things, that even with a diminished memory, that my health can’t take from me. I actually, find it rather amazing the places that in just a few minutes, I can find myself in or reliving. Even now, my brain makes lightening connections between things that on the surface, don’t connect in any way. I have lost count of the times I have found myself suddenly sat trying to backtrack through my mind, to see just how on earth I have got there. One minute I can be here thinking about making my lunch, then suddenly, I can be years back in time, thinking about people I thought I…

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